Meet the Man Behind the Lawn...

The smell of freshly cut grass from a beautiful lawn gives Aaron Haakonson such a thrill, on many levels. It brings to mind the entire experience of being outdoors in the morning’s cool or sultry heat of a summer afternoon, engaged in an activity that benefits another and provides him with pleasure over a lawn project completed with care, attention, and skill. I enjoy doing anything outdoors, says Aaron. Best of all is the entrepreneurial pride Aaron feels about this, his Peerless Lawn Care enterprise.

Aaron surrounds himself with people who love to do what he does. However, he began his business solo, at age 15. By 2004 while still in high school, he added an employee to his growing concern. He more than doubled the size of his company during the years he attended Saint John’s University, in Collegeville, earning his degree in Business Administration in 2011. This year will mark his tenth year in business. Business, lawn care, and learning are his passions. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing in order to be successful, says Aaron.

What are Aaron’s other keys to success? HARD WORK, he says, all in capital letters for emphasis. Next, is just being genuine. With Aaron, what you see is what you get, a hard-working young man with a pleasant, accommodating personality, quick to laugh but just as quick to get serious about a home or business owner’s lawn care needs. Honesty is a given. Without it, he couldn’t have built his business over the years solely on networking and customer referrals. Aaron also has industry knowledge and, with a driving spirit of discovery, he’s committed to continuing education on turf/grass management. Finally, there’s reliability. Aaron’s got the task covered before the customer even knows he or she has the need!

So, Aaron Haakonson and his crew offer professional property maintenance. They enjoy being outdoors, delivering exceptional lawn care management services to appreciative home and business owners.

– Mary Macdonell Belisle – Writerforhire