While many lawn care programs apply fertilizer every 4-6 weeks regardless of soil type, the Peerless Green program is not one of them. Our cold weather lawn specialists understand Minnesota's climate.

We offer a one-application fertilizer program. This single-application fertilizer is specially formulated to release nitrogen in a controlled fashion over a 6-month period. This allows us to focus on other things at each visit to your property such as soil temperature-specific weed control and making cultural recommendations so that your lawn reaches its full potential. 

Our Peerless Green lawn programs are suited to your specific needs and results in a lawn with a more even growth cycle through wet and dry seasons. We deliver on lush, green lawns, and guarantee you will be satisfied.

Advantages of Single Application Fertilization 

  • Durable membrane coating technologies provide precise, extended feeding 

  • Predictable growth rate

  • Granules unaffected by rainfall or irrigation, so your lawn stays green and lush

  • No surge growth after application means you won’t need to bag grass clippings as often


  • Reduced environmental impact from nitrogen runoff through volatilization and leaching

  • Reduces overall annual nitrogen use

  • Lower fuel consumption by applicating equipment

We have programs for every budget.

Call today, and we will get you set up for a greener, healthier 2023!