What's New in 2020?


For years, lawn care programs sold to homeowners have consisted of fertilizer applied every 4-6 weeks. However, there are alternatives to this method that have been used by golf course superintendents and commercial landscape managers. We want to bring these superior turf care products to your home lawn.

Our fertilizer is applied once per year because of the enhanced coating technology. This single-application fertilizer is specially formulated to release nitrogen in a controlled fashion over a 6 month period. This allows us to focus on other things at each visit to your property such as soil temperature-specific weed control and making cultural recommendations so that your lawn reaches its full potential. 

We have been using single-application fertilizers over the last 3 seasons on various commercial properties as well as handful of residential lawns and have found that not only does the fertilizer last the entire season, but also that it will leave you with a more even growth cycle through wet and dry seasons. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the improvements to our programs.


  • Durable membrane coating technologies provide precise, extended feeding 

  • Predictable growth rate

  • Granules unaffected by rainfall or irrigation, so your lawn stays green and lush

  • No surge growth after application means you won’t need to bag grass clippings as often


  • Reduced environmental impact from nitrogen runoff through volatilization and leaching

  • Reduces overall annual nitrogen use

  • Lower fuel consumption by applicating equipment

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*Fertilizer and weed control may be done at the same visit

By signing up for a particular program you are agreeing to make payment on all services or prepay in advance.

Cancellation fees may apply if agreement is terminated prior to end of season.