Core Aeration

Residential starting around $125.00

Thatch build up and compaction are a lawn's worst enemy. Core aeration will allow water, oxygen and other nutrients to reach turf's root zone enabling it to resist disease, recover and look its best. All experts agree, core aeration is vital in achieving a healthy lawn.

Spring Clean-up

From sod repair and power raking to cutting back perennials and fallen limb removal, we're out working as soon as the snow melts!

Mulch Installation

Mulching around plants and trees inhibits weed germination and growth as well as holds in moisture, protecting your plants from drying out quickly.










Ornamental Pruning

Pruning and deadheading according to horticultural guidelines is done to maintain health and curb appeal. Renewal and rejuvenation pruning of all plants and trees should be performed throughout the growing season.


Based on hourly rates

Grass growing over curbs and sidewalks hurts the aesthetics of your property. Clean edging as often as once each month allows for minimal trimming and easy blowing. 

Landscape Renovation

Even the best installed landscapes require renovation after a few years. We replace plants, shrubs, edging, rock and a whole lot more! 

Fall Clean-up

Residential starting at $350.00

Fall is the most important time to care for your landscape. Removing leaves and debris from lawn and landscaped areas is vital before winter. We offer water feature and gutter cleaning services as well. 

Snow/Ice Management

If your business has a zero snow and ice policy, we can deliver. You can have peace of mind knowing that your sidewalks and parking lot will be taken care of during a Minnesota snow storm. We offer a variety of seasonal contract options depending on your businesses' requirements. 

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